About Us

North of England Medical and Hyperbaric Services (NEMHS) has a 20-year history of providing state of the art Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment to the National Health Service. The unit has received over 600 case of diving illness, from the worried well to complex cases of diving induced paraplegia.

Key features include:

  • A hospital based multi-place hyperbaric facility.
  • An Intensive Care Unit ideally located next to the chamber.
  • A strong and knowledgeable medical, nursing and technical team, led by Mr Bruce Mathew Consultant Neurosurgeon supported by Dr Ananthakrishnan Ananthasayanam and Dr Vincent Hong, both Consultant Anaesthetists with a special interest in Cardiothoracic Anaesthesia and Intensive Care Medicine.
  • Technical & Research Director Gerard Laden has 39 years of experience in all aspect of civilian sport, oilfield and military diving operation including medical research. The unit maintains a strong link with the Post Graduate Medical School with over 35 peer reviewed publications.

Meet the Directive Team

Mr Bruce Mathew

Mr Bruce Mathew

Medical Director North England Medical and Hyperbaric Services, NEMHS
Bruce is a Consultant Neurosurgeon who has also been involved in Diving and Submarine medicine for 36 years. His specific interest is in improving the management and functional outcomes in severe DCI involving the spinal cord.

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Dr Ananthakrishnan Ananthasayanam

Dr Ananthakrishnan Ananthasayanam

MD FRCA FICM MSc.,(Healthcare Leadership) Consultant Anaesthetist and Intensivist
Dr Ananthasayanam is currently is one of the three clinicians managing the North of England Medical Hyperbaric unit, Spire and East Riding of Yorkshire.

He has qualified as a Consultant Anaesthetist and Intensivist with a special interest in Cardio-thoracic anaesthesia in 2005. He has extensive experience in this field, having worked in Australia, India and a number of centres in Yorkshire.

Dr Ananthasayanam, currently is the Clinical Director for Surgery in Hull and East Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust.

He also is the Clinical Lead Cardiothoracic Intensive care in the same Trust and has been involved in risk assessment and stratification in cardiac intensive care. He is also member of the steering group of the ICU national audit project, ArCTIC.

Dr Ananthasayanam is also the Lead Clinician for the Intensive Care Unit, Spire Hospitals, Hull and East Riding of Yorkshire.

Dr. Vincent Hong MB. BCh. BAO., FRCA, FFICM, MBA

Dr. Vincent Hong MB. BCh. BAO., FRCA, FFICM, MBA

Consultant Anaesthetist and Intensivist
Vincent is a very keen diver who prefers to spend as much time underwater as possible. He is also a passionate underwater photographer and marine conservationist. In his spare time, he loves to organise frequent dive trips to various UK and overseas dive locations.

Consultant in Cardiothoracic Anaesthesia and Intensive Care Medicine

Hull & East Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust
Spire Hull & East Riding Hospital

Hyperbaric Physician
North England Hyperbaric and Medical Services

Member of United Kingdom Diving Medical Committee

Recreational and Technical (CCR) Diving Instructor

Gerard Laden

Gerard Laden

Technical and Research Director
Technical and Research Director of NEMHS Ltd Originally trained to dive in the Royal Navy. Last position held member of the instructional training staff of the Royal Naval diving school. Extensive experience in air, mix gas and saturation diving.

Qualifications: BSc Physiology
HSE Diving Certificate part 11, (saturation diver)

Over 33 publications including:

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